An Alberta antique dealer travels across America in search of treasures

Since 2016, Alex Archbold has been travelling across North America looking for antiques for sale in his Edmonton store.

Alex Archbold discovered his passion for selling antiques at the age of 9, when he wanted to help his parents financially, and now owns the Curiosity Antique Store near downtown Edmonton, where he travels across North America in search of antique treasures.

The trunk of Alex Archbold’s car is packed to the rafters and the antique dealer has spent part of the morning stacking cardboard boxes full of old cameras that he will take back to his antique shop.

Their former owner, Neil Meachem, has to leave them. I’m sad, but we have to move and we won’t have enough room,” he says, his eyes full of water as he says one last goodbye to his appliances.

Neil Meachem spent his life collecting all kinds of objects, which he exhibited in his basement, as shown in this photo album.

The 79-year-old man from St. Albert spent about 50 years building his collection , which today contains over 800 cameras, some of which date back to the early 20th century.

Maybe they’ll make great holiday or Christmas gifts. All the work he’s put into his collection is going to make a lot of people happy. That’s what we do. We love something, we enjoy it, and when it’s time to donate it, I’m the person who’s in charge of finding those items and finding them a new home,” says Alex Archbold, in Neil Meachem’s garage.

Alex Archbold transports his antiques in an old ambulance decorated in the colours of the film “Ghostbusters”.

It’s kept me busy instead of doing something stupid. I’ve never been able to stop collecting,” says Neil Meachem.

Passionate from childhood

Alex Archbold discovered his passion at the age of 9, when the now 41-year-old and his family would go to yard sales and flea markets looking for items to sell.

My family had financial difficulties when I was a child.for a while we lived in motels.we were homeless.I started helping my parents by buying and selling antiques.I helped them pay the rent, I even bought them a car. … It’s a talent I’ve kept all my life,” says the antique dealer as he unloads the trunk of his car.

However, it wasn’t until 2016 that the antique dealer decided to devote himself to his passion full-time, and for several years, this father worked in the media and in retail sales.

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